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New ways of connecting with tenants needed

Traditional approaches to tenant participation aren’t reaching everybody.

FHA’s Innovation and Futre Thinking Programme, supported by Wheatley Group, is bringing our members and other stakeholders together to collaboratively develop new ideas and solutions for the future.

Over 60 individuals are currently working across ten projects, following three Innovation Boot Camps in August and September which generated ideas and a range of ambitious priorities.  

Over the next few weeks, Housing Scotland Today will feature a series of blogs by the leaders of these projects. This week’s blog is by Lorraine McLaren, a director at the Wheatley Foundation.

At our poverty and impact boot-camp, housing associations spoke about the need to find new ways to connect with, engage and work with our tenants to inform, design and review service and products. 

Traditional approaches to tenant participation aren’t reaching everybody.

I’m delighted to be leading a small team with other housing associations and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to look at this issue. We have spoken to SFHA members of different sizes and types to understand the issues and what’s working and not working, and are also looking outside the sector for great practice. 

Our plan is to provide SFHA members with a resource which will help you to develop different approaches depending on your circumstances, with case studies, lessons learned, and contact details of organisations you can link up with to share and learn together. 

It’s great to be working with other housing associations on an issue which is really important to us all – and trying to develop something for the future together.

If you would like to join the Housing Innovation Community, find out more about any of our projects, or help to shape future priorities, then please get in touch lwilson@sfha.co.uk and follow the conversation on @sfha_hq Twitter: #housinginnovationscotland.

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