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Housing associations and co-operatives across Scotland engage with tenants and residents in community-led efforts to address disadvantage and social exclusion.

Housing associations and co-operatives have been at the heart of community-led regeneration since the origins of community-based housing associations in the early 1970s.

Associations can act as a community anchor and a focus for regeneration and community empowerment. They work in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Scotland and have the skills, assets and ethos to support community-led regeneration.

While associations continue to play an important role in physically regenerating their communities, more recently housing associations and co-operatives have become involved in other activities such as providing employability and skills training, building and managing community facilities and running projects such as furniture recycling schemes.

The SFHA represents ​members by being a core sponsor of Scotland's Urban Regeneration Forum (SURF). All SFHA members are automatically members of SURF and can access their publications and attend their events free of charge.