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Easterhouse Housing and Regeneration Housing Alliance hosts tour of Greater Easterhouse

EHRA Committee members detailed history of Greater Easterhouse and explained partnership working.

On Friday 9 March 2018, Easterhouse Housing and Regeneration Housing Alliance (EHRA) welcomed the Chair and board members from the Scottish Housing Regulator, Chief Executive and board members of SFHA and Councillor McLean from Glasgow City Council for a tour of Greater Easterhouse.

EHRA Committee members provided information on the history of Greater Easterhouse and explained the role of local voluntary committee members in the delivery of the successful regeneration of the area.

The EHRA tour visited all eight organisations in Greater Easterhouse and the areas regenerated by the private sector.

EHRA members explained the partnership approach that EHRA promotes, including joint training, sharing services, organising hustings, appointment of consultants and support for staff and committee. In total, EHRA has 90 committee members elected from 1,710 members and owns 4,533 rented homes.

Calvay Housing Association hosted a lunch and Colin Cameron, Chair of EHRA and Linda Cameron, Vice Chair of EHRA, highlighted the challenges that face Greater Easterhouse in the future and the work that EHRA is taking to challenge poverty.

Pictured: EHRA Committee Members, SFHA CEO and board members, Scottish Regulator Board, and Councillor Kenny McLean.     

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