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Scottish Government advises building sites in Scotland to close

First Minister advises construction activity should cease.

The First Minister has advised that construction activity should cease, unless work is being carried out to an essential building, i.e. a hospital. 

She said: “On construction, for example, my judgement, based on the advice I have, is that, right now, the safest, most precautionary  principle is for construction sites not to continue.”

The First Minister said this may be reviewed in future if safe rules can be put in place but, in the meantime, sites should shut as a precaution.

The UK Government is under pressure to follow the position adopted by the Scottish Government. Unions and opposition politicians including the Mayor of London have criticised the lack of clarity in the advice being given to the construction industry. 

Housing and Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick today (25 March 2020) reiterated the importance of observing social distancing rules if you are required to work, however did not answer the specific question of whether non-essential building sites should close, instead advising employers to use their judgement based on official advice.

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