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Posted in: Policy / Social Security / LHA Cap

LHA cap for social rent sector

CIH Scotland, in partnership with the Scottish Government, commissions research on LHA cap in the social rented sector

CIH Scotland, in partnership with the Scottish Government, has commissioned research on the LHA cap in the social rented sector, and the potential impact this may have on people under 35, and social landlords. The research is being undertaken by The Indigo House Group, led by Anna Evans. For further information on the research, the CIH contact is ashley.campbell@cih.org

The research will include analysis of the potential gap between individual social landlord rent levels and the single shared room rate across Scotland. It will also involve discussions with RSLs and local authorities on their opinion on the potential impacts and mitigation approaches that landlords are planning.

The research team is also looking for opinion, experiences and case studies from social landlords – RSLs and local authorities on:

  • any analysis that you may have done of the likely/potential impact of the cap
  • what you have considered to be potential mitigation actions
  • any new models of shared accommodation you have considered
  • any comment on the LHA cap and the challenges it presents

Anna Evans and Nick Hopkins are undertaking the consultation and case study work, which will be undertaken by telephone.

If you are interested in participating in this consultation, please contact Anna Evans on anna.evans@indigohousegroup.com