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Webinar For Financial Inclusion Workers

A webinar is being held on Friday October 28th on the subject of making effective use of the Knowledge Hub across the frontline financial inclusion sector.


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Help SFHA reduce the impact of Universal Credit

Your organisation can help highlight the policy's impact by taking part in the SFHA's monthly survey and case study appeal.


Free breakfast event with YES Works

Event exclusively for SFHA housing association and co-operative members.


Event: what is a supported business?

Event led by SFHA Supporting Associate Yes Works 


LHA cap for social rent sector

CIH Scotland, in partnership with the Scottish Government, commissions research on LHA cap in the social rented sector


‘Guide to Rent Setting’ – have your say

SFHA is in the process of reviewing its Guide to Rent Setting. Get in touch to discuss these changes and for your chance to have your organisation’s good practice included in the new guide!


Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004

Housing associations and co-operatives are subject to requests under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004. Log in to view an SFHA briefing regarding these requirements, and a case study from within the sector. 


Don’t miss your chance to hear from leading communications experts

Hear two of Scotland’s top communications experts explore the challenges and opportunities in PR.


Highlight your apprentices: case study appeal

Appeal for case studies.


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