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Submit your Universal Credit case studies

SFHA requests members' case studies on Universal Credit to inform future lobbying.


SFHA Launches UC Case Study Template

There has for some time run monthly surveys of of members in an attempt to gauge the impact of Universal Credit on housing association and cooperatives and their tenants. It is now additionally asking members to provide case studies where there have been significant issues in the way individual cases have been dealt with.


SFHA Guidance - Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004

Housing associations and co-operatives are subject to requests under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004. SFHA, in conjunction with TC Young, produced a briefing in 2015 regarding these requirements, and has highlighted a case study from within the sector of dealing with EIR requests in practice. 


Webinar For Financial Inclusion Workers

A webinar is being held on Friday October 28th on the subject of making effective use of the Knowledge Hub across the frontline financial inclusion sector.


SFHA Supported Housing Forum

SFHA Member Forums are one of the ways SFHA supports members. SFHA members who offer supported housing met on the 13 March to discuss key issues.


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Energy confident new tenants service

Changeworks received funding from the William Grant Foundation to develop a preventative energy advice service for new housing association tenants.


Enhancing lives through care technology

Dan Plant's journey at Baillieston Community Care. 


Providing reassurance: Jakub's journey

This case study showcases how Jakub's family were reassured he could continue living independently with evidence from Lilli software. 


Empowering Independence: Darius' journey

This case study showcases how Darius was able to live independently with the help of reablement technology Lilli.


Damn Environmental Services and Maryhill Housing Association

DAMM Environmental has been working with Maryhill Housing for a number of years now, providing its tenants with a wide range of environmental services whenever they need assistance.


National study highlights Edinburgh housing provider’s tech success

Many Blackwood properties feature its CleverCogs technology which is personalised and links users to care and health services, home automation, local information, entertainment and video access to family and friends.


Social Housing Net Zero Heat Fund Workshops

Workshops are exclusively for those working within Local Authority Housing Teams or Housing Associations.  


Cairn achieves Scotland first EnerPHit standard retrofit

Since 2021, Changeworks has been working with Cairn Housing Association on its EESSH (Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing) and net zero strategies.

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