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New Regulatory Framework published

The Scottish Housing Regulator has published the final version of the new Regulatory Framework - due to come into force on 1 April.  This follows an extensive period of consultation, with the final document available on the SHR website: Scottish Housing Regulator publishes its new Regulatory Framework | Scottish Housing Regulator A number of amendments have been made to the previous draft version, in response to comments made by SFHA and others. 


GBM forum launch - free networking event 16 April 2024

SFHA is pleased to announce a free in person launch event for its Governing Body Members' (GBM) Forum.  This facilitated networking session will offer an opportunity for members of the forum to meet with other board and committee members from across the country. The event will take place on Tuesday 16 April 2024 at Thenue Housing Association in Glasgow from 10am-12.30pm.  All governing body members need to do to sign up is click here and follow the instructions to register.  This will sign you up not only to the event, but also to our GBM Forum.   Please note that both the event and the forum are only available to board/committee members from SFHA members.    


Get Governance

SFHA members have access to a range of resources to help them maintain the highest standards of governance. Our Get Governance suite of guidance has been developed in conjunction with industry specialists and informed by our membership. Relevant regulatory bodies were also consulted as appropriate to ensure that the materials help organisations meet regulatory and legislative requirements. The resources provided include: template documentation; practical tools; and written guidance. An index of all SFHA's Get Governance guidance, including links to get more information and access each document, is included in the article below.  This provides an overview of the entire suite, and a quick means to find and access all documents in the series for members. 


Housing and Independent Living Forum Resources

Within this article you will find copies of the documentation from the SFHA Housing and Independent Living Forums.

SFHA submits response to SHR consultation on Regulatory Framework

The SFHA has submitted its response to the Scottish Housing Regulator's consultation on its Regulatory Framework.  The response has been finalised following an extremely helpful discussion at the December meeting of our Governance Forum.


Scottish Government response to Access to Information consultation

Scottish Government has published a response to the analysis of the Access to Information consultation that SFHA responded to back in March 2023.  


Action note and presentation slides from Dec meeting

An action note from the December meeting of the SFHA Governance Forum is now available.   Andy Jack from Link gave an excellent presentation on the G in ESG at the meeting, and his slides are also now available. 


Points to consider when drafting Standing Orders

The latest piece of guidance in the SFHA's Get Governance series is now available to SFHA members.  The guidance - which has been drafted by Linda Ewart on behalf of SFHA - looks at standing orders, and provides some points to consider when organisations are drafting or reviewing their own.  


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No home left behind: funding a just transition to clean heat in Scotland

New research on the costs of clean heating and energy efficiency.


New Publication: Housing Support Workers in Scotland

HSEU has published a new briefing looking at the role of housing support workers in Scotland and the need to ensure significant recognition for the role.  


Alastair Campbell to deliver keynote speech at SFHA’s Annual Conference

SFHA’s two-day event in June set to explore how housing associations can continue to deliver in uncertain times. 


John Booth appointed as Director of Hillcrest Futures

John has over 16 years of experience at the forefront of the social care sector on a local and national level.


Navigating the energy efficiency challenge with radbot 1

Secure share a blog with us discussing solutions to energy efficiency. 


New figures show 8 out of 10 say Scotland faces ‘housing crisis’ as Scottish Government urged to reverse ‘brutal’ affordable housing cut.

MSPs set to join Scottish Federation of Housing Associations in urging a rethink on “hammer-blow” cut to the Affordable Housing Supply Programme.  


Upcoming consultations

SFHA is currently seeking member input on a number of upcoming consultations. 


Changeworks urge local authorities not to delay LHEES delivery plans

LHEES are key to setting out the long-term plan for decarbonising heat in buildings and improving their energy efficiency across an entire local authority area.


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