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Model Rules Review

SFHA has commissioned TC Young to update the SFHA Model Rules, and will be consulting members towards the end of April/beginning of May with a draft of these proposals.   


SFHA Briefing Note on Regulatory Framework

An SFHA briefing note on the regulatory framework, detailing the key changes since the consultation and next steps


SFHA Briefing on Final Regulatory Framework March 2019

The SFHA has produced a briefing for all members highlighting what has changed since the consultation period in the published Regulatory Framework.


SFHA Submits Response to Charity Law Consultation

The SFHA has submitted a brief response to the Scottish Government's Charity Law consultation.


10 housing questions to ask your health and social care partnership

In this blog, Zhan McIntyre, SFHA Policy Lead, shares 10 housing questions you can ask your health and social care partnership.


Holyrood Tenement Maintenance Group to Publish Final Report

The parliamentary working group on tenements is to publish its final report in May.  The Interim Report recommended that all mixed tenure tenements should have 5 yearly inspection reports on common parts, mandatory owners associations and a requirement for all owners to pay into a sinking fund for repairs and maintenance.


Fuel Poverty Bill Update

The Fuel Poverty Bill has passed Stage 1 and now goes to Stage 2 where the economy, Local Government and Communities committee will scrutinise the bill and propose amendments. 


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Bulk reporting of April rent changes to DWP faces setback

The proposal for landlords to be able to transfer to the DWP details of rent changes for claimants on Universal Credit has been hit by delays.


Word Versions: SST, SSST ASB and SSST Non-ASB

Word versions of the new social housing tenancy agreements


Ask 1: Universal Credit is making us hungry – end the five-week wait

SFHA, together with its sister UK housing federations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, is calling for six changes to be made to Universal Credit in order to improve the whole system for tenants and housing associations. SFHA has invited six guest bloggers to write about one of the #SixAsks. Today, Polly Jones, Project Manager at A Menu for Change, explains why the five-week wait for payment must end.


Book your place at Housing Management Forums

Zhan McIntyre, SFHA Policy Leads invite you to join colleagues from housing management to talk about housing management issues.


Measuring Impact – A blog by Sally Thomas

SFHA Chief Executive Sally Thomas explains the work we are doing to demonstrate the social and economic impact of social housing providers in Scotland, and how our members can get involved.


SFHA Universal Credit survey results are in for February 2019

How is Universal Credit affecting housing associations and their tenants? SFHA Research and Policy Officer explains what our members told us in the February 2019 Universal Credit survey.


New way for housing associations to contact HMRC

HMRC have made some changes to the way they handle communications sent to them from housing associations


Events (50)

Scottish Factoring Network Conference 2019

Procurement Conference 2019

Development Conference: Meeting Housing Need

SFHA Procurement Forum - East - June

SFHA Property Maintenance Forum - West - Oct

SFHA Property Maintenance Forum - West - June

Price Quality Assessments - Borders

ESPD Scoring Stage 2 -- Borders

Introduction to Procurement - Borders

SFHA Property Maintenance Forum - West -March

SFHA Procurement Forum - March

ESPD Electronic Module - Borders

SFHA Finance Forum - West - October

SFHA Finance Forum - West - September

SFHA Finance Forum - West - December

SFHA Finance Forum - East - December

SFHA Finance Forum - West - June

SFHA Finance Forum - East - June

SFHA Finance Forum - West - November

SFHA Finance Forum - East - September

Price Quality Assessments - Aberdeen

ESPD Electronic Module - Aberdeen

Introduction to Procurement - Aberdeen

ESPD Scoring Stage 2 -- Aberdeen

Price Quality Assessments - Dundee

Price Quality Assessments - Glasgow

ESPD Scoring Stage 2 -- Glasgow

Introduction to Procurement - Dundee

Introduction to Procurement - Livingston

ESPD Electronic Module - Dundee

ESPD Electronic Module - Livingston

ESPD Scoring Stage 2 -- Dundee

ESPD Scoring Stage 2 -- Livingston

Price Quality Assessments - Livingston

ESPD Electronic Module - Glasgow

Introduction to Procurement - Glasgow

Chairs Conference 2019

Development Conference 2018

SFHA Housing Management Forum - East Nov 2018

SFHA Property Maintenance Forum

Housing Management Conference 2018 - New Date

SFHA Housing Management Forum - TGF Aug 2018

SFHA HM Forum - East July 2018

MMR -Living with Letting Agent Regulation

Energy and Fuel Poverty Conference

People, Places & Partnerships

Scottish Factoring Network Conference 2019

Scottish Factoring Network Conference 2018

Finance Conference - The Future of Finance

SFHA Housing Management Forum - TGF November