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Model Rules Review Reaches Final Stage

The review of the SFHA Model Rules has now reached the final stage, having received approval from the Scottish Housing Regulator and OSCR.   The revised Model has now been forwarded to the FCA for registration.   SFHA is hopeful that this will be a quick process but it is dependent on any further amendments that may be requested by the FCA.   We will keep members informed as this progresses and hope to be in a position to publish by the end of January. ​​Many thanks to everyone who fed into the review process, and a further member consultation on the Supporting Guidance to the Model Rules will begin in the next few days.


Model Rules Review - Update

Many thanks to all who fed into the SFHA review of the Model Rules.   We are now in the final stages of the process.  


SFHA Responds to Scottish Government FOI Consultation

SFHA has submitted a brief response to the Scottish Government's consultation considering further extension of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA).


Rent setting and affordability tool updated with the latest data

The SFHA and HouseMark Scotland rent setting tool has been updated with the latest data on average Universal Credit claims and the latest Living Wage figures.

Innovation And Future Thinking Update

Read up on the latest developments surrounding our Innovation and Future Thinking programme.


Request for Feedback on Self-Assurance Toolkit

SFHA has forwarded a survey to all member Chief Executives asking for feedback on the Self-Assurance Toolkit.   This is with a view to making any necessary revisions to the Toolkit to make it more user friendly.   


SFHA Engagement with SIC and Scottish Government Regarding Subsidiaries

We recently surveyed members about communications with the Scottish Information Commissioner relating to subsidiaries.  Many thanks to all of those who responded, and we have since met with the Scottish Information Commissioner and written to Scottish Government regarding the application of the act to care subsidiaries in particular.   


Scottish Government Consultation on Further FOI Extension

Scottish Government is consulting on potential further extension of FOI to other bodies.   Whilst this consultation is not directly about our sector and is extremely broad, the consultation paper makes reference to care and potentially extending to bodies who are contracted by public bodies.   


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SFHA Procurement Forum

Attendees will be joined by Lesley Thomson, Head of Procurement, and Graham Collie, Technical Support Manager, from the Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA).


Help inform SFHA’s response to Housing to 2040 draft vision

Consultation events and survey for SFHA members.  


SURF Awards shared learning workshop

Achieving wider community regeneration outcomes through housing-led approaches, 7 May.


Temporary Accommodation Standards: consultation analysis

SFHA Policy Lead Zhan McIntyre reflects on the Consultation Analysis on Temporary Accommodation Standards published by Scottish Government last week.


Old Buddies ball boy moves to spiritual home as Sanctuary completes housing project

Sanctuary hands over last homes built on the site of St Mirren FC’s former Love Street stadium.


What is your vision for housing in 2040?

SFHA Chairs’ Conference, 31 January and 1 February, Norton House Hotel and Spa, Edinburgh.


Events (60)

Procurement Forum 1 2020

Chairs' Conference 2020

Finance Conference 2019

Housing to 2040 Consultation - Glasgow

Housing to 2040 Consultation - Edinburgh

Housing to 2040 Consultation - Aberdeen

Housing to 2040 Consultation - Selkirk

SFHA Finance Forum - West - December 2020

SFHA Finance Forum - West - September 2020

SFHA Finance Forum - West - June 2020

SFHA Finance Forum - West - March 2020

SFHA Finance Forum - East - December 2020

SFHA Finance Forum - East - September 2020

SFHA Finance Forum - East - March 2020

SFHA Finance Forum - East - June 2020

Women’s Housing Forum January 2020

SFHA Housing Support Group March 2020

SFHA Housing Support Group March 2021

SFHA Housing Support Group December 2020

SFHA Housing Support Group September 2020

SFHA Housing Support Group June 2020

SFHA Housing Support Group

SFHA Finance Forum - West - December

SFHA Finance Forum - East - December

SFHA Procurement Forum - East - June

Development Conference: Meeting Housing Need

Price Quality Assessments - Borders

ESPD Scoring Stage 2 -- Borders

Introduction to Procurement - Borders

ESPD Electronic Module - Borders

Price Quality Assessments - Aberdeen

ESPD Electronic Module - Aberdeen

Introduction to Procurement - Aberdeen

ESPD Scoring Stage 2 -- Aberdeen

Price Quality Assessments - Dundee

Price Quality Assessments - Glasgow

ESPD Scoring Stage 2 -- Glasgow

Introduction to Procurement - Dundee

Introduction to Procurement - Livingston

ESPD Electronic Module - Dundee

ESPD Electronic Module - Livingston

ESPD Scoring Stage 2 -- Dundee

ESPD Scoring Stage 2 -- Livingston

Price Quality Assessments - Livingston

ESPD Electronic Module - Glasgow

Introduction to Procurement - Glasgow

Development Conference 2018

SFHA Housing Management Forum - East Nov 2018

SFHA Property Maintenance Forum

Housing Management Conference 2018 - New Date

SFHA Housing Management Forum - TGF Aug 2018

SFHA HM Forum - East July 2018

MMR -Living with Letting Agent Regulation

Energy and Fuel Poverty Conference

Procurement Forum 1 2020

Housing Service Design Champions

Scottish Factoring Network Conference 2018

People, Places & Partnerships

Finance Conference - The Future of Finance

SFHA Housing Management Forum - TGF November

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Geraldine Begg

Technology Enabled Care in Housing (TECH) Project Co-ordinator

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Stacey Dingwall

Policy Lead

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Jeremy Hewer

Policy Lead

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Zhan McIntyre

Policy Lead

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Shona Mitchell

Policy Lead

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Lorna Wilson

Innovation & Future Thinking Lead

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