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Update to Equalities Guidance and FAQs now available

Minor update to National Guidance on Collecting Equality Data and FAQs now available, reflecting further discussions between SHR and EHRC. 


Collecting equality information - FAQs now available

  Frequently asked questions have been gathered, with these divided into two main categories: clarifying the data collection requirement and flexibility on what data is collected.


SFHA Self-Assurance Toolkit and associated guidance – updated June 2022

update to SFHA Self Assurance Toolkit and associated guidance now available. 


Get Governance

SFHA members have access to a range of resources to help them maintain the highest standards of governance. These have been developed in conjunction with industry specialists and informed by our membership. Relevant regulatory bodies were also consulted as appropriate to ensure that the materials help organisations meet regulatory and legislative requirements. The resources provided include: template documentation; practical tools; written guidance; and forums to discuss current issues and share good practice with peers.


Energy Forum Resource page

Within this article you will find copies of the documentation from the SFHA Energy Forums.  


Finance Forum Documents 2022

Within this article you will find copies of the documentation from the SFHA Finance Forums from 2022.

HR & People Forum Resource page

Here you will find all the discussed documents and presentations from each online Forum 


SFHA response to Scottish Government's Draft Rented Sector Strategy Consultation

A New Deal for Tenants: Draft Rented Sector Strategy Consultation.


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Upcoming forum meetings in June and July

East CEO, Property Repairs and Asset Management, Housing Management.


SFHA Live! Upcoming virtual and in-person conferences

Preventing homelessness, Engagement Conference and Housing Management Conference.


Pride Month marked by Bield with launch of Rainbow Network

Bield brings together a diverse community with volunteer initiative.


Aberdeen MP learns how housing association helps residents with cost of living rises

Kirsty Blackman MP (SNP, Aberdeen North) visited Hanover Scotland’s Bridge of Dee Court site last Friday (17 June) and spoke directly to a number of residents. 


National Care Service Bill published

By Eileen McMullan, SFHA Policy Lead.


SFHA CEO Forums – book your place

The West CEO Forum will take place on 30 June, from 11:00–13:00, and the East CEO Forum will take place on 5 July, from 14:00–16:00.


Bield’s five-year strategy puts two-way communication top of the agenda

Bield is giving its customers the opportunity to influence its strategy for the next five years, at a time of leadership change and recovery from the pandemic.  


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Fiona McCrae

Near Me in Housing Project Lead

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Nicole Flynn

Innovation & Member Services Co-ordinator

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Debs Allan

Innovation and Future Thinking Manager

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Stephanie Elliot

Technology Enabled Care in Housing (TECH) Lead

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Cassandra Dove

Policy and Research Lead

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Gillian Duddy

Membership Lead

Eileen McMullan profile image

Eileen McMullan

Policy Lead

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Shona Mitchell

Policy Lead

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