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Rent Setting for 2020/21: A blog by Shona Mitchell

With the 2020/21 rent setting cycle now in progress, SFHA would like to remind members we produce detailed guidance and, in partnership with HouseMark Scotland, provide an affordability analysis tool to help social landlords analyse the affordability of rents.


Social Research Association Scotland

The Social Research Association (SRA) Scotland aims to provide a networking function for people engaged in social research across a wide range of organisations.


New Scottish Government Housing Investment Levels

Following work by an expert panel, at which SFHA represented members, the Scottish Government announced increased investment levels for new social housing.


Regulatory Framework Review - Update

Since SFHA's last blog update, there has been another meeting of the SHR's Working Group and a meeting of the SFHA Regulation Sounding Board.    At both of these meetings, an update was provided by the SHR about the content of the forthcoming formal consultation.


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Rent Setting Tool by SFHA and HouseMark Scotland

SFHA and HouseMark joined forces two years ago to produce the new, improved, interactive rent setting tool for members. The tool calculates five affordability measures for a proposed rent. It also allows users to see how the rent and affordability measures compare to other local social landlords. It has proven incredibly popular with members, having been used by over 80% of our membership so far.


New Alyth homes set to take carbon emissions to a new low

Work started on the four new homes, which are located at Airlie Green, Alyth, in February.


A hundred new affordable waterfront homes for Granton

The development has been designed with existing and new communities in mind and has a sunlit central courtyard which residents will be able to enjoy together.


Huge Demand for BHA’s new homes in Ayton

The range of properties proposed takes account of existing BHA stock and aims to fill unmet demand by providing more housing choice for applicants in the Ayton area.


Kingdom Housing Association completes latest collaborative development project in Lochgelly

Twenty of the new homes have been designed to amenity standard and seven are general needs properties, all 27 have been allocated as social rented tenancies by Ore Valley.


Kingdom Housing Association begins £3.2m development in historic market town

The completed properties will be managed by Fairfield Housing Association and are the affordable housing provision for the larger site being developed by Ogilvie Homes.


Eildon gets green light for further 69 new homes in Galashiels

The homes in High Buckholm form part of Eildon’s development programme to deliver more housing and care services for its communities in the Scottish Borders.


Trust Housing marks new development with site visit

Works commenced on site in May 2021 with a final completion date set for December 2022.


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