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Download SFHA Rent Setting Guidance and Affordability Tool

The SFHA Rent Setting Guidance and Affordability Tool was launched on 21 June 2017, and is now available to all SFHA members.   Please log in to view the guidance and full article below.  


Social Research Association Scotland

The Social Research Association (SRA) Scotland aims to provide a networking function for people engaged in social research across a wide range of organisations.


SFHA Invite Proposals for New Rent Setting Guidance

SFHA has invited a number of housing consultatants to submit proposals to write updated SFHA Guide to Rent Setting. Read this article to find out more about the new proposals.


New Scottish Government Housing Investment Levels

Following work by an expert panel, at which SFHA represented members, the Scottish Government announced increased investment levels for new social housing.


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Briefing on Scottish Government Proposals for post-2020 Energy Efficiency Standards

The Scottish Government launched a consultation on proposals for challenging Energy Efficiency Standards for Social Housing (EESSH) to be introduced in 2020. The standards would require to be met by 2032, in line with climate change targets.  


Blog: The Scottish Government’s Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan will focus on rents, by Jeremy Hewer, SFHA Policy Advisor

SFHA's Jeremy Hewer comments on the Scottish Government's Every Child, Every Chance strategy and considers how it might impact on Housing Associations


Exploring affordability

After using the SFHA Affordability Tool, one SFHA member was asked to do more research. What experience do you have of using the tool?


Landlord registration: consultation launched

The consultation will be the main focus of the May SFHA Mid-Market Rent Forum.


Mid-Market Rent Forum 9 November @ 2pm SFHA Offices

The Mid Market Rent Forum is one way that the SFHA supports members. Read this article to find out about the November meeting. 


Scotland needs 12,000 new affordable homes a year

The level of need for affordable housing in Scotland is double what is currently being delivered, according to a new report published today by three of Scotland’s leading housing organisations.


Discretion around first month rental payments

SFHA and Shelter Scotland to explore role of discretion around first month rental payment for new tenants


New specialist flats for elderly completed in Elgin

Springfield Properties have completed 30 specialist care apartments in Elgin as part of a £6 million project.


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