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Rent Setting for 2020/21: A blog by Shona Mitchell

With the 2020/21 rent setting cycle now in progress, SFHA would like to remind members we produce detailed guidance and, in partnership with HouseMark Scotland, provide an affordability analysis tool to help social landlords analyse the affordability of rents.


Social Research Association Scotland

The Social Research Association (SRA) Scotland aims to provide a networking function for people engaged in social research across a wide range of organisations.


New Scottish Government Housing Investment Levels

Following work by an expert panel, at which SFHA represented members, the Scottish Government announced increased investment levels for new social housing.


Regulatory Framework Review - Update

Since SFHA's last blog update, there has been another meeting of the SHR's Working Group and a meeting of the SFHA Regulation Sounding Board.    At both of these meetings, an update was provided by the SHR about the content of the forthcoming formal consultation.


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Launch of SFHA Guide to Rent Setting and Affordability Tool

Event hears from authors of the SFHA Rent Settting Guidance and Affordability Tool.


Home Contents Insurance Scheme for Members

The Diamond Insurance Scheme is a specialist home contents insurance scheme offered to members by the SFHA in conjunction with Thistle Insurance Services Limited.  


SFHA and HouseMark Scotland rent setting tool data updated

Latest version of the tool includes new LHA rates, average Universal Credit claims, minimum wage and 2019/20 council tax rates.


Easthall Park Housing Co-operative celebrates 27% rent consultation returns

Easthall Park Housing Co-operative is celebrating its highest ever rent consultation response.


SFHA welcomes Utilita as a new Commercial Associate

Utilita is the latest company to join SFHA in its sector associate membership category.


Dunedin starts work on new development in Edinburgh

Wheatley Group’s Dunedin Cranmore has started work on a total of 60 new flats in Edinburgh with funding help from Edinburgh City Council and Scottish Government. 


New Rent Affordability tool helps to streamline assessment processes

HouseMark Scotland and the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) launched a new rent affordability tool in September this year. The purpose of the tool is to calculate five affordability measures for a proposed rent. It allows users to see how their rent and affordability measures compare to other social landlords. The tool is available exclusively to HouseMark and SFHA members, and has been accessed almost 2,000 times by housing associations and local authorities.


Wheatley Group secures £76m funding

Wheatley Group has secured a £76m loan to expand its portfolio. 


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