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Burying bad news: DWP uses attention on meaningful Brexit vote to announce new rules

Changes to the rules around benefits for couples whose ages lie either side of the state pension date mean that they could lose up to £7,000 in a year. The Government announced the change just as attention was on the meaningful vote in the House of Commons  on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal. Housing associations are encouraged to see that there is maximum take up prior to the changes coming into effect on 15 May, 2019


SFHA Brexit Briefing - February 2019

This briefing sets out the key challenges Brexit may bring for housing associations and how we can be ready for what may come.


Brexit bulletin: Scotland’s role in the Brexit process

In her speech, on the first day of the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she would trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty no later than end of March 2017. This will formally start the two-year period of the UK’s exit negotiations with the European Union. The role to be played by the Scottish Government and parliament in the Brexit process that Article 50 will trigger remains unclear. 


SFHA Brexit Bulletin

SFHA is providing a monthly Brexit Bulletin for our members. Find it here.

Brexit means Brexit!

SFHA has outlined its initial areas of concern about the impact of Brexit on Scottish housing associations in a submission to the European and External Relations Committee of the Scottish Parliament.


CIH - BREXIT Risks for Housing

CIH Scotland recently submitted written evidence to the European External Relations Committee on the impact of BREXIT on housing in Scotland.


GDPR Model Documentation, Guidance Notes and FAQs - August 2021 update

This update reflects legislative changes since 2018 to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), with particular focus within the FAQ document on Brexit.


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Joint statement from SFHA and GWSF on report on the work of the 2021 Affordable Housing Investment Benchmarks Working Group

Member bodies respond to publication of the report on the work of the 2021 Affordable Housing Investment Benchmarks Working Group.


What next for RGDP’s DPO service?

In his blog post, Mark Chynoweth, General Manager of RGDP LLP, discusses GDPR and the requirements for RSLs to be compliant. 


SFHA publishes findings of research into the rising costs of development

Cost of new build has increased over the life of the last parliament, with the average works cost per unit increasing from £114,000 in 2016/17 to £134-138,000 in 2020/21. 


What does the Brexit deal mean for our sector?

By Shona Mitchell, SFHA Public Affairs Manager.


Funding for those who need it most

Over £30 million to tackle financial insecurity. 


Bid and tender activity during Covid-19 – how ready are you?

By Andrew Morrison, Founder & BD Director at AM Bid. 


Climate change, Brexit and Universal Credit discussed at SFHA hustings

Watch the parties answer questions on issues key to the housing sector.

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