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Potential changes to data protection legislation (May 2023)

Uk Government is currently seeking views on the Data Protection and Digital Information (No 2) Bill. The Bill is currently at Committee stage, so there may be changes to what is proposed by the Bill depending on its progress through Parliament. The expected deadline for comment is 13 June and SFHA will be submitting a brief response. SFHA has commissioned TC Young to produce a briefing on the contents of the Bill for SFHA members, to highlight those areas most relevant to RSLs. 


Freedom of Information and data protection resources for SFHA members

SFHA members have access to a range of resources to help them meet the requirements of Freedom of Information and data protection legislation. These have been developed in conjunction with legal specialists and relevant regulatory bodies, and include: template documentation; written guidance; sources to ring for further advice; and a forum to discuss current issues with peers.  


Updates to SFHA Guidance

The SFHA AGMs and SGMs FAQs has been updated to reflect Scotland’s move to Beyond Level 0. 


GDPR Model Documentation, Guidance Notes and FAQs - August 2021 update

This update reflects legislative changes since 2018 to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), with particular focus within the FAQ document on Brexit.


Further Freedom of Information (FOI) guidance and upcoming programme

  In early August, we shared with members our Open All Hours publication, that provided a template guide to information to aid with meeting the publication requirement under FOI.   We are pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with TC Young to provide further guidance and services in relation to FOI and data protection.  

GDPR Model Documents Now Available

Model documents to aid SFHA and GWSF members as they look to implement the requirements of the General Data Protection regulations (GDPR) are now available. A number of training sessions are also available.


Procurement - date for your diary

The Scottish Government will present to the next Procurement Forum about Project Bank Accounts while Scotland Excel will discuss progress and interim findings from procurement capability assessments.


SFHA meet with working group of members to discuss GDPR guidance

The SFHA, GWSF and TC Young met with a small working group of members to discuss initial drafts of GDPR guidance and templates we are jointly producing for members.   The meeting took place on Tuesday 9 January.


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Secure your place at SFHA's FOI and Data Protection conferences

In March, SFHA will be exploring the importance of data and how the pandemic has shifted how we use, access, and share it within the social housing sector.  


HACT looking for views on data led governance in social housing organisations in Scotland.

HACT is inviting stakeholders in the sector to complete a short survey on data led governance


SFHA to host virtual conferences on FOI and Data Protection

In March 2022, SFHA will host virtual conferences looking at best practice in Freedom of Information and Data Protection.


Invu adds intelligent link sharing to its Document Management solution

Invu, which recently exhibited at SFHA's Finance Conference has added a new functionality to its Document Management solution. 


What next for RGDP’s DPO service?

In his blog post, Mark Chynoweth, General Manager of RGDP LLP, discusses GDPR and the requirements for RSLs to be compliant. 


How can housing providers manage digital risks?

In his blog post, Ninesh Muthiah, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SFHA Sector Associate Home Connections discusses the steps housing providers can take to protect their digital infrasructure from cyber risks. 


Home Fix Scotland work ‘around the Cloch’ to provide emergency services

Cloch and HFS have acted quickly to facilitate the delivery of an interim service to limit the impact on residents.


SFHA holds series of webinars for members

Update on Data Protection and FOI and; GDPR and Covid-19: Sharing Personal Information 

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