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Is ‘ring-fencing’ changing your lending terms? Get in touch

SFHA is keen to hear from members who have been contacted by existing lenders regarding changes to lending terms as a result of bank ring-fencing rules.


Nominations to the SFHA Board 2018 announced

The candidates represent a mixture of Executive staff and Governing Body Members.


Analysis of Factoring Code of Conduct Responses - Now Available

The Scottish Government recently consulted on proposals to amend the Code of Conduct which sets out minimum standards for registered property factors in the delivery of services to homeowners which SFHA responded to on behalf of members.


Scottish Government Launches Consultation on Building Standards & Fire Safety

A consultation has been launched proposing significant changes in Building Standards around fire safety. 


SHR Blog Provides Update on Assurance Statements

Scottish Housing Regulator Chief Executive, Michael Cameron has written a blog outlining their initial thinking on Annual Assurance Statements.   This blog acts as a note of a recent Working Group meeting that small group of SFHA and GWSF members attended, to feed in thoughts about broad principles to underpin the assurance statements.


SHR Blog Updates on Regulatory Framework Review

Michael Cameron has written a blog summarising the discussion at its most recent working group meeting with a group of volunteer RSLs.

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