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Scottish Housing Regulator blog

George Walker, chair of the Scottish Housing Regulator has written a blog update on the state of play with the ongoing review of the Regulatory Framework.     


SFHA Governing Body Members' Guide - A Slight Update

In October 2014, SFHA published a guide for Governing Body Members, as a result of a suggestion from the Federation of Local Housing Associations in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire (FLAIR) who contributed to its content.    The guide is a model that can be customised to suit individual RSLs and provided to Governing Body Members (GBMs) to help them in their role.   It is especially useful for new GBMs.


Housing (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill Reaches Stage 3

Following some minor amendments logged by Scottish Government at Stage 2 (see here), the Housing (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill has reached Stage 3 in the Scottish Parliament.   


Housing (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill Stage 2 Amendments

As anticipated, Scottish Government has lodged two amendments at Stage 2 of the Housing (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill.    These were to take account of recommendations made by the Local Government and Communities Committee report at Stage 1.   


GDPR guidance from SFHA & GWSF Now Available

The SFHA and GWSF commissioned TC Young to develop some model documents to aid in members as they look to implement the requirements of the General Data Protection regulations (GDPR).   This guidance is now available for SFHA and GWSF members.


SFHA meets with Scottish Housing Regulator Regarding guidance

In October, SFHA met with the Scottish Housing Regulator on two occasions regarding forthcoming SFHA guidance.


GDPR Model Documents Now Available

Model documents to aid SFHA and GWSF members as they look to implement the requirements of the General Data Protection regulations (GDPR) are now available. A number of training sessions are also available.


SFHA Internal Audit Guidance Now Available

The SFHA commissioned Caron Quinn to produce sector specific guidance on Internal Audit.  SFHA is delighted to make this comprehensive guidance available to all SFHA members.


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SFHA to work with SHR and housing bodies to develop Self-Assurance Toolkit

The aim of the toolkit, which is being led by SFHA, is to help social landlords to comply with the SHR’s new Regulatory Framework.


Regulator ends statutory intervention at Dalmuir Park Housing Association

Sixteen months since its initial intervention, SHR reviewed progress and decided to end its statutory intervention on 31 March 2019.


SFHA Evidence Discussed at LGC Committee Prior to Approval of FOI Order

The SFHA Submitted evidence to the Local Government and Communities Committee regarding the order to extend FOI to RSLs, which is in the final stages of the parliamentary procedure.   Whilst no amendments could be made by the Committee at this stage, SFHA took the opportunity to highlight the aspects of the order that remain concerning - most notably the implementation date. The Committee discussed these points prior to approving the order on 20 March 2018.   Whilst highlighting that the 11 November implementation date would remain, the Minister for Parliamentary Business and Veterans Graeme Dey MSP highlighted that his "ear would be open to any issues raised" during the implmentation period.


Last chance to contribute to SFHA’s consultation response on charity law changes

The Scottish Government is reviewing charity law, specifically the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 in relation to the powers and remit of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and SFHA is submitting a response.


Regulator listens to concerns of co-operatives

SHR acts on points raised by co-operatives.


Scottish Housing Regulator underlines the need for RSLs to plan for Brexit

SHR writes to RSLs regarding compliance with Regulatory Standards in the context of the uncertainty around the planned withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.


Freedom of Information Extended to RSLs - SFHA Briefing Available

In February 2019, the Scottish Government laid a draft order to Scottish Parliament – extending the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2019 to some of the functions of RSLs and their subsidiaries.   The order will take effect on 11 November 2019.   An SFHA briefing on the content of the order is now available to all SFHA members.

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