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Housing Innovation Community Update

To mark the end of the first year of the SFHA Innovation and Future Thinking Programme, supported by Wheatley Group, SFHA’s Innovation and Future Thinking Lead Lorna Wilson provides an update on progress and looks to the future. 


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Rent Setting Tool by SFHA and HouseMark Scotland

SFHA and HouseMark joined forces two years ago to produce the new, improved, interactive rent setting tool for members. The tool calculates five affordability measures for a proposed rent. It also allows users to see how the rent and affordability measures compare to other local social landlords. It has proven incredibly popular with members, having been used by over 80% of our membership so far.


Winners announced for inventions that improve lives

Entrants commended for designs to support people live independently


To the Edges We Must Go

In her blog post ahead of our Finance Conference, taking place on 16 and 17 November at Crieff Hydro, Alex Barker explores the idea of being 'more pirate' and how the shift in mindset can be applied by individuals and organisations. 


Becoming an Insight Leader 

Blog by Gemma Connell, SFHA Innovation and Future Thinking Project Co-ordinator. 


SFHA Innovation and Future Thinking programme extended

The programme brings SFHA members and other stakeholders together to collaboratively develop new ideas and solutions for the future

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