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SFHA gives evidence to Work and Pensions Committee

SFHA has been invited to give evidence to the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee on the five week wait for the first payment of Universal Credit.

DWP prepares to rollout new payment system

The DWP is preparing to roll out to social landlords a new direct payment system, to replace the four weekly third party creditor schedule for Managed Payments to Landlords and UC Scottish Choices Direct Payments. The four weekly payment schedule will still be used, however, for third party deductions against arrears of rent.

SFHA submits evidence to benefit take-up inquiry

SFHA has submitted evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Social Security Committee Inquiry on benefit take-up.


Work and Pensions Committee calls for reversal of benefit freeze

Ahead of the dissolution of Parliament, the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee has published two reports highly critical of welfare policy and has called for the reversal of the benefit freeze by increasing levels by CPI + 2% for the next four years.


Supreme Court: Human Rights trumps Bedroom Tax rules

The Supreme Court has ruled where there was a ‘transparent medical need for an additional bedroom’, which was not catered for in regulation B13 (5) and (6), there was unjustified discrimination on the ground of disability, contrary to article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

SFHA joins #FiveWeeksTooLong

SFHA has joined the Trussell Trust’s #FiveWeeksTooLong campaign.

SFHA submits evidence to Scottish Affairs Committee

SFHA has submitted evidence to the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee’s Inquiry into Welfare in Scotland – highlighting concerns over the shortcomings in the administration of Universal Credit.

SFHA seeks support for Challenge Poverty Week

SFHA seeks member support for Challenge Poverty Week


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Scottish Government Budget 2022/23: Members’ briefing

Members should log into the website to read the briefing.


Recovery strategy to help those hardest hit by Covid

The Covid Recovery Strategy sets out the Scottish Government's vision for recovery and the actions it will take to address systemic inequalities made worse by Covid, make progress towards a wellbeing economy, and accelerate inclusive person-centred public services.  


Scottish Affairs Committee publishes report into welfare policy in Scotland

The report was informed by an inquiry carried out last year by the committee.


SFHA Universal Credit survey: latest results for 2021

SFHA’s Research and Policy Lead, Cassandra Dove, discusses the latest results of SFHA’s Universal Credit survey.


First Minister announces cabinet positions

Significant changes for housing with brief elevated to cabinet position.  


Latest findings from the SFHA Universal Credit survey

The most recent results from SFHA’s ongoing Universal Credit survey have now been published, providing an update on the impacts of Universal Credit and the pandemic on SFHA members and their tenants.  


DWP confirms no bulk upload for rent changes in 2021

DWP acknowledges this would come as 'disappointing news' and social landlords may need to provide claimants with support, depending on their individual needs. 


Scottish Affairs Select Committee relaunches Welfare Policy in Scotland inquiry

House of Commons Scottish Affairs Select Committee holds an inquiry into Welfare Policy in Scotland.


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