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SFHA’s 5 General Election Asks

With the General Election just two weeks away we reveal our five-point plan to reduce the damaging impact of welfare reforms.


Why I’m looking forward to SFHA Annual Conference

Blog by Sarah Boyack, Head of Public Affairs, SFHA


Petitions Committee Bedroom Tax 2

The SFHA has responded to a request from the Petitions Committiee for its views on a petition calling on action on 'Bedroom Tax 2'.


Experience Panel Volunteers

More than 2,000 recruited


SFHA Roundup of DWP Guidance

The SFHA has updated its roundup of DWP guidance for claimants and landlords.


Social Enterprise Census 2017

Social Enterprise Census now available


SFHA welcomes Select Committees’ call to scrap use of LHA rates to fund supported housing

Select Committees urge UK Government to re-think use of LHA rates to fund supported housing


New social security agency “puts people first”

New agency aims to reflect government’s aims of building system based on “dignity and respect”.


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