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Universal Credit Help to Claim Service

Help to Claim offers independent, tailored and practical support to help people make a Universal Credit claim and receive their first full payment on time.


No joke: April generates a flurry of verification requests on landlord portals

A number of associations have reported that they have received a high number of verification requests from the DWP following rent changes occurring on 1 April.


DWP confirms Universal Credit arrangements for rent change notifications for landlord portal

DWP confirms social landlords using Universal Credit landlord portal can upload April’s rent change data.


SFHA submits evidence to Social Security Committee

SFHA has submitted evidence to Scottish Parliament's Social Security Committee's inquiry into social security support for housing.


SFHA calls for pause to Universal Credit ‘natural’ migration

SFHA responds to UK Parliament’s Work and Pensions Committee inquiry into Universal Credit ‘natural’ migration by calling for a pause until key conditions are met.


Social Security Committee: Universal Credit causes destitution

Holyrood’s Social Security Committee has raised deep concerns with Universal Credit in its latest report into in-work poverty.


Social Security Committee calls for views into support for housing

The Scottish Parliament’s Social Security Committee launches inquiry into social security support for housing.


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