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CEO Conversations:Thought Leadership
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Wed, 6 Oct from
19:00 to 20:00 (BST)



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Thank you to those who attended the session, we hope you enjoyed it.

Hosted by Sally Thomas, our Thought Leadership series offers SFHA members the opportunity to hear from thought leaders on a wide variety of issues and create an arena for us to share knowledge, inspiration and ambition amongst our network.

In this session attendees heard from Annika Joy, Chief Executive of Safe in Scotland. 

The Scottish Government has committed to ending homelessness in Scotland, including among people who have no recourse to public funds. The policies are in place, and a routemap to deliver this ambition has been developed by a collective of third sector partners who are already on the frontline, doing what they can with limited resource. However funding for this work is limited but it's a unique approach being developed in Scotland.

 Join Annika who is piloting a joint Housing Association and charity partnership to ensure that asylum seekers in Scotland aren't forced into rough sleeping and other forms of homelessness, and let her pick your brains about what other sorts of collaboration might be possible. 




This event is for SFHA members only.

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Annika Joy profile image

Annika Joy
Safe in Scotland

Annika is Chief Executive of Safe in Scotland (formerly Glasgow Night Shelter for Destitute Asylum Seekers), a human rights charity that develops and delivers safe, dignified accommodation and trauma-informed support for people experiencing asylum-related destitution.

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She is also an active voice in advocating for the policy and legislative changes that would mean the organisation is no longer required!

Her professional background is in the development of museums and galleries that actively address their institutional history and practice of exclusion and exclusivity.

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