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27 Nov, SFHA offices

Living Wage and Housing Associations
SFHA offices

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Mon, 27 Nov from
14:00 to 15:30 (BST)


SFHA office
3rd Floor, 149 St Vincent Street , Glasgow, G2 5NW

About the Event

The Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative (SLWAI) was established in 2014 with the aim of increasing the number of employers in Scotland who are recognised for paying their staff the Living Wage. Hosted by The Poverty Alliance, the Initiative works in partnership with the Living Wage Foundation and is funded by the Scottish Government.  Today there are almost 1000 accredited employers in Scotland, covering around 346 000 employees and is responsible for 25 000 pay rises to the Living Wage.  Housing Associations make up 21 of those employers. 

We are quite often asked why an employer should become accredited as a Living Wage Employer, after all, isn’t paying the Living Wage the only thing that matters? While we would agree that paying the Living Wage is the most important consideration, there are some important benefits to going that extra mile and becoming formally recognised for paying the Living Wage. Each time a new employer becomes accredited and adds their name to that list they are flying the flag for the Living Wage and encouraging other employers to follow their lead. It’s only by getting employers to shout about their own fair pay policy that we can make the Living Wage the norm rather than the exception.

Housing Associations have a long track record of involvement in wider action.  The Living Wage is part of that wider action.  Many of the people who would benefit from the Living Wage employed by Housing Authorities live in the local community.  By paying the Living Wage Housing Associations are putting money back into the local communities they serve.  We know that Housing Associations have always sought to be responsible employers – Angus Housing Association  were one of the first to sign up to the old informal Scottish Living Wage back in 2010 – the Living Wage is now one of the key elements of a responsible employer.

Is this event for you?

Jack Evans Living Wage Accreditation Officer will help you answer the following questions: 

  • Why the Living Wage matters
  • The process of Living Wage accreditation
  • Living Wage and procurement
  • Why accreditation matters


Taking place at the SFHA Office in Glasgow on 27th Nov 2017, it will begin with refreshments at 2pm followed by Jack Evans Living Wage Accrediation Officer. The event will conclude at around 3.30pm. 

How to book

Book your place online via the SFHA Website at www.sfha.co.uk   or email the Events Team on events@sfha.co.uk  For any queries contact us on 0141 332 8113

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15.30am Event concludes

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