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Public buildings and social housing safeguarded by vital £20m framework

Public Sector organisations are invited to attend a launch event on a major framework geared towards improving the safety of social housing and public buildings.

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Public Sector organisations across Scotland are being invited to attend a launch event that will share vital information on a major framework geared towards improving safety. 

Taking place at the Scottish Procurement Alliance’s (SPA) headquarters in Livingston on 23 November, those attending will gain vital information about the new framework that launched in September this year.

SPA’s new framework aims to support public sector organisations in safeguarding their buildings, covering a range of works like asbestos removal, gas works, fire safety and water hygiene.

Known as the Asset Safety and Compliance (ASC1) framework, SPA's 120+ partners will learn how the framework can help them meet government regulations and initiatives in the most cost-effective way.

Lesley Anderson, Regional Director at SPA, Scotland’s largest free to join procurement organisation said: “There is a huge mountain to climb for the public sector right now. With major government targets looming, it’s important we are bringing valuable and accessible frameworks to the fore at the right times.

“The timing of this framework has aligned perfectly with ongoing consultations on social housing regulation in Scotland and its very much at the forefront of our partner’s minds.

“With rising inflation and broader cost pressures stemming from rent freezes, contractor sustainability issues, slowing private housing sales due to mortgage rates, and increased demand for social housing, public sector organisations face significant challenges ensuring their buildings comply with safety and property protection regulations."

“By bringing together life safety and property protection requirements, as well as maintenance needs, this framework is designed to enable public bodies to achieve compliance at scale while achieving the best value for money.”

ASC1 consolidates three existing frameworks and encompasses five critical public sector safety and compliance workstreams.

It will run until 3rd September 2027 and is valued at up to £100 million in England, £20 million in Scotland and £15 million in Wales.

The latest framework covers five workstreams including asbestos consultancy and removal, property protection and associated services, water testing, treatment, and management, heating and air conditioning compliance and electrical testing and services.

Lesley added: “Theres been a host of field research and insight analysis from our regional business units across the UK to help shape this framework and we’ve been working closely with specialist suppliers and public organisations in Scotland from the outset to get the right end product.

“By incorporating what we’ve learned from on-the-ground studies as well as gaining an understanding of local and regional requirements, we’re certain this framework delivers the best possible results for the construction industry as well as communities across Scotland.

“The launch event will offer a brilliant chance to learn more about the framework and the suppliers that have been awarded a place. With presentations offering valuable information on essential aspects of housing and building compliance requirements, delivered by the framework suppliers.

“The presentations will cover asbestos, property protection, water safety, HVAC and electrical with the aim of helping asset managers and building owners understand their responsibilities.

“We want to give partners the information they need on this framework so they can take full advantage of it and help keep social housing and public buildings in Scotland as safe and secure as possible.”
As a committed not-for-profit organisation, SPA reinvests its surpluses into local communities through its Community Benefit Fund (CBF), in partnership with the dedicated charity Lintel Trust.

SPA currently has more than 600 active projects valued at £1.1 billion, benefiting the 300 suppliers that offer works and services to its associates.

Additionally, these partners have complimentary access to a range of value-added services, such as expert technical, procurement, and social value advisory support.

Since 2017, the CBF has distributed more than £1.7 million in grants and matching funds, assisting community groups, charities, and various causes. This initiative has generated a social value exceeding £3.9 million.

Those interested in the event can apply here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/743400319367

To find out more about The Scottish Procurement Alliance, please visit: https://www.scottishprocurement.scot/

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