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Members Benefits

SFHA membership is by organisation affiliation, but the benefits of membership are things that individual staff members at each organisation can use. The following guide outlines some of the great services and resources on offer. 

Our members are at the heart of everything we do. We are continually working on providing the best and latest information, services and resources so that members can benefit from SFHA collective strength.

Further Info

SFHA members have full member-only access to a vast and rich resource of useful information, services, and guidance.

Social Value Tool-kit: In partnership with key stakeholders, this Social Value Toolkit provides a practical resource for members to help them to understand, calculate, and report on the social value impact their work has on tenants and communities. 

Inclusive Living Tool-kit: Together with experts in housing and aging, SFHA created the Inclusive Living Tool-kit with an accompanying training course, to allow members to explore how they could design future housing developments for all ages and abilities.

Rent Setting and Affordability Tool: An updated guide on how to use the SFHA and HouseMark Scotland Rent Setting and Affordability Tool. Over 80% of members now use this. www.sfha.co.uk/rent-setting-tool

Digital maturity check-up tool for housing associations: A free service to measure the digital maturity levels of each housing association was developed in October 2020, with over 85 organisations checking their maturity score to date. Complete the digital maturity check-up now to find out your maturity score: housing.digitalcheckup.org/

Total cost of ownership for IT and digital benchmark tool: This benchmarking tool creates a report specific to housing association digital operational costs that can be compared to other SFHA members costs.

Our OnBoard service supports SFHA members that are looking to recruit to their boards. OnBoard works in two ways: members can contact us when opportunities arise, and these will be added to a register of recruiters.

We also invite people who would like to become governing body members to join the register as potential candidates. We then match candidates with organisations, depending on organisations’ needs and the candidates’ skillsets. To get involved, either as a potential candidate or as an organisation looking to recruit, scan the QR code below for more details.

Launched in June 2021, as an umbrella term for a range of opportunities and initiatives brokered by SFHA for members over the coming years.

Scotland’s housing sector is adapting to a new economic environment – including a greater focus on innovation and productivity – where having the right blend of people and skills in place is essential.

Find out more about the current initiatives - contact Mollie Stephens, Event Co-ordinator: mstephens@sfha.co.uk


The Technology Enabled Care in Housing programme is funded by the Scottish Government’s TEC Programme and hosted by the SFHA. It supports housing providers, their tenants, and customers to explore, test and embed digital opportunities across housing.

  • To make technology in housing more accessible.
  • To showcase the impressive and successful application of technology happening across Scotland.
  • To bring together tech-minded innovators looking to develop or implement digital technology that improves the lives of tenants.

For more information, visit: https://tec-housing.squarespace.com/


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