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SFHA Self-Assurance Toolkit and associated guidance - updated June 2021

An update to the SFHA Self Assurance Toolkit and associated guidance is now available.  SFHA commissioned Linda Ewart to refresh the documents, with minor updates now available to the Toolkit; Supplemental Covid-19 guidance; and Suggested Clauses for Inclusion in the Annual Assurance Statement.

The minor updated toolkit, and a summary of the minor changes, is included in the downloads section to the right of this article.   Also included are:

  • An update to the Supplemental Covid-19 guidance produced in September 2020 that includes additional Covid-19 “flags” to consider in conjunction with the SFHA Self-Assurance Toolki.  This also includes suggested Covid-19 clauses to include within the Assurance Statement.
  • An update to the SFHA Suggested Clauses for inclusion in the Annual Assurance Statement to take account of the SHR requirement to include a statement regarding equalities data collection in the 2021 Annual Assurance Statement.

SFHA would like to thank its small working group of members who fed into the update of all three documents.  If you have any queries about any of the documentation please contact Alan Stokes astokes@sfha.co.uk


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