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Events Sustainability policy

There is no question that the climate emergency is one of the biggest issues facing our world today. At SFHA, we believe, as the main representative membership body for housing associations and co‑operatives in Scotland, we have a social responsibility to be more sustainable.

SFHA Events  

Our vision for future SFHA events is to produce them to the highest quality while ensuring that they are sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint, where possible. As we return to in-person events, we recognise the importance of demonstrating how we will reduce the environmental impact of our events and, ultimately, be more sustainable.
This policy outlines the first steps towards running sustainable events, and we recognise we have much more to do. This policy, and our efforts in this area, will be reviewed and updated with each new event we host, and we look forward to sharing this with you.
Here is a summary of the steps we’re taking to help achieve sustainability at our events and how you can help us achieve this.


  • We will only work with venues that can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability
  • We will ensure recycling points are easily accessible for attendees


  • Where possible, we will choose venues with good public transport links, that are accessible on foot and that have adequate cycle storage facilities
  • We encourage our attendees to use public transport, walk and cycle to our events, where possible
  • We will consider how we transport conference materials

Paper and plastic

  • We will eliminate the use of single-use plastics, where we can
  • To reach our aim of reducing the use of paper we will:
    • make use of technology, including a conference app and digital screens
    • promote our events using digital platforms, websites, and online materials
    • significantly reduce the amount of printed material
    • use recycled paper when printed material is necessary
    • collect evaluation and feedback online
    • encourage attendees to bring their own writing materials
    • encourage exhibitors to do the same


To make the food at our events more sustainable:

  • We will ensure there are more vegetarian options at mealtimes
  • Encourage our venues to use locally sourced seasonal produce
  • Where possible, we will tell delegates where their food is sourced from
  • Where possible, we will prioritise venues with a food waste policy

Online and virtual

  • We will commit to ensuring there is a balance in our events and training programme between in-person events and online gatherings.

Last updated October 2021

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